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pillows on St. Valentine’s Day

While I normally think Valentine’s Day is a bogus holiday created by the card and flower companies (and that’s regardless of whether I am single or not), this Valentine’s Day was most excellent. It started off with brunch at Ti Couz (as recommended by @warneronstine), where we had tasty espresso and cafe au lait:

small and big

And ate the most delicious crepes I have ever had EVAR:

crepes at ti couz

We rounded out the day with a San Francisco Valentine’s tradition: serious pillow fighting at the Embarcadero:

pillow fight on Valentine's Day

Very serious. Very fun. I threw myself into the crowd and pillow fought for about eight seconds before I got claustrophobic in the midst of myriad pillow pummelings.

feathers in the air!

Pillow feathers everywhere.

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