California, Yosemite

Yosemite National Park and other updates

Well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? First, let’s pick up where we left off. After organic farming, I drove back down to central California and stopped at Katiebeth‘s house (more on that later). On the way out, Isabel and I stopped at Yosemite National Park:

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Which was absolutely beautiful. The majesty of the landscape filled my heart and moved me such as to bring tears to my eyes. I’m sure that sounds like a bit much, come on, Lydia, it’s just some nature. I felt so grateful to be there — to breathe in the cool, pine-infused air, to witness El Capitan and Half Dome (if only from a distance). I had traveled so far, and being in Yosemite brought me closer to something, something I can’t quite name, something I think I was looking for when I set out on the trip.

I think Isabel loved Yosemite as well. She whined on the way in and on the way out of the park. We had a lovely and peaceful time wandering the trails, sniffing every last bit (her) and clearing the mind (me).


In other news, we’re coming up on one year since I embarked on this trip. While I’ve finished this leg of travel and back in one place, I’ll continue to post photos and info on what the end of the trip was like, as well as provide a follow-up of what the past four months have been like. (For those that don’t know, I’m back in Indianapolis and working my way back into the “real world,” whatever that means.)

Thanks for hanging around!

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  • Reply Chad S September 27, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    Yay! (I haven’t been to much mountain country as a “paying attention adult”…) I am surprised by how much flat land there is between steep mountains! Maybe the lakes make it look flatter than it is.

    Were you tempted to climb the bark of those trees? Ooo, better not. Something might go ping in Isabel’s mind and you wouldn’t be able to come back down.

    “real world” phulease! That is the only one there is! But when people say it I get what they mean – “normal life”.

  • Reply Tony Johnson November 12, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Wow, wow, wow, is all I can say about your trip in general. This looks like so much fun and I’m glad you documented so much and took so many pictures. This will be an experience that stays with you your whole life. Excellent job!!

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