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the think kit

We’ve just launched a fun thing over at SmallBox called The Think Kit, which is an inspiration kit in the form of  30 days of prompts that help you reflect on your year and consider what’s next. The Think Kit prompts start today, and the first one is so easy, I couldn’t resist sharing.

Prompt: Have a snapshot that encapsulates your year? Or one that represents a great moment? Maybe it just looks dang cool. Show ‘n tell time — let’s see those pics!

This would be my favorite photo of this year:

It’s not a perfectly composited and shot photo in any sort of professional photography sense (in fact, it’s a little blurry), however, this photo encapsulates so much for me. It was taken in one of my favorite spots in Indianapolis, a place of peace and rejuvenation. It is a visual representation of the spirit and the attitude I have focused on embodying this year: letting things flow like water. Paying attention to that flow and getting to know the feeling better. This photo is a gentle reminder.

Want to participate in Think Kit? Head on over here to get started!

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