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My workmates, as well as a few friends, have long been interested in vinyl records. I’ve heard many a conversation about its merits, along with talk of excitement about an awesome album find in the used section of one of our local music stores. For long time, I didn’t really get it. I didn’t want to jump on that wagon — I’m not a big collector of stuff. Why buy a physical record when I can just download it? It seemed wasteful and unnecessary.

But this year, something changed. I had listened to a few albums on vinyl at friends houses and something about it started to pique my interest. It felt… different than just playing the album from Rdio (or Spotify, if that’s your thing). So, we (the fella and I) said hello to our first record player. And it has been one of my favorite new additions of the year. One of my favorite moments this past summer was when we threw on a Miles Davis album, grabbed a glass of wine and just listened to it. We did nothing else. No making dinner, no working, no reading, nothing. We simply sat and absorbed all the nuances of the soundwaves traveling to our ears. It was magical. It reminded me that I love paying attention to the craft of music. So, bring on the vinyl!

This post is a part of Think Kit. Today’s prompt: “What did you say goodbye to this year? Or! What did you say hello to this year?”

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