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a rant and an open letter

(I think I managed to rant AND write an open letter in today’s Think Kit post.)

Dear women of the world,

You are beautiful. You need to do nothing to “achieve” beauty. You already have it. It is a damn shame that right now we live in a world that would lead you to believe that if you do not fit into a very specific description of what beauty looks like, then you are not worthy as a human being. That you are not enough if you do not look a certain way. That our appearance and the shape of our bodies are somehow open territory for others to judge freely and publicly. That the first thing many people comment on when it comes to other women celebrities (and often other women) is not about their intellect or their accomplishments, but rather, what their hair looks like, or what dress they are wearing, or even how much clothing they’re not wearing.

Well. I call bullshit. And I invite you to call bullshit with me.

Let’s make a pact. Let’s decide that we are going to lift each other up whenever we can. Let’s agree that we will recognize the inherent worthiness in each other and that it has nothing to do with our outward appearances. That we can love dressing up, or we can hate it, or we can be somewhere in the middle, and every bit of that is absolutely okay and falls right in line with what it means to be human. We can love to run, or swim, or hate both of those things but think that walking is right up our alley, and all of that is perfectly right. We might want to get our nails done every week. Or we might want to get them dirty every day. Both: awesome and valid choices.

Let’s agree that there is a whole spectrum of womanness that exists. And let’s commit to honoring the whole spectrum. Not just the part that is shown to us in the movies, on TV, or in magazines.

We really have better things to be doing, don’t you think?


This post is a part of Think Kit. Today’s prompt: Get on your soapbox. What issue, idea, or stance were you vocal about this year? — and a Lifeline: Write an open letter to someone. Anyone. …even yourself!

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    Looooove this, Lydia!

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