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Four-legged LOLs

I feel very lucky in that there are many people and moments in my life that make me laugh. And not just giggles, but regular amounts of pure, fully-enjoying-this-moment laughter. One of my favorite funny moments has already been documented by a fellow Think Kitter (Sara), so instead of trying to retell that story, Imma tell you about smaller moments that made me laugh this year.

I am probably one of those people who talks about or takes pictures of or references their dog too much (if this puts you off, you should stop reading right now). But when I think about the moments that cause me to laugh, or experience pure delight, many of them are initiated by something Isabel the Dog does. If you added up all these little moments, it’d probably equal a big laugh. Let’s do the math.

First of all, Isabel likes to rest her head on head-level surfaces when she wants attention. I have never seen a dog do this until her. Sometimes, she finds really interesting places:


In the summertime, whenever I come home from work and let her outside, the first thing she insists on doing is rubbing her back in the warm grass:


And she manages (as many dogs do, I think) to find some funny ways to fall asleep. Here, with bone:


And here, head on my lap, during Monday Night Football:


On the flipside, her morning routine of trying to wake us up so that we can get to the morning walk are usually hilarious. Until the previous night’s bedtime reaches past midnight. Then it’s not at all funny. But she insists that the most effective dog alarm clock looks like this:


Thus, my days are properly delightful, thanks in part to her.

This post is a part of Think Kit. Today’s prompt: What made you laugh out loud?


Think Kit

Levels of Busy

In 2013, I finished grad school. I had been working nearly full time and also carrying a load of two classes per semester for the last three years, so the idea of moving on from that level of busy sounded very nice. Relaxing, even. Except. What happened after I graduated was not what any sane, level-headed person would do. Nope. Instead, I decided I would do ALL THE THINGS. And so I signed up to volunteer for this thing over here and those things over there. I signed up for small things and big things, and it’s the big things, especially, that got me. I found myself heading into 2014 with commitments that kept me up to my eyeballs in Busy.

Because I am a stubborn person, I kept my commitments. I’ll just make my plate bigger, so I can put more stuff on it, I thought. Except, it doesn’t quite work that way. Turns out that I have a very specific-sized plate that only fits a specific amount of stuff. And if I try to pile more on, well, I am the one who ends up in a pile… of exhaustion. It seems logical enough. But sometimes in practice it’s easy to get carried away.

So this year, I changed my mind about what level of busy I want to handle. I thought I wanted to handle All the Busy. I found out this year that I can handle a lot of it reasonably well, but able to handle and wanting to handle are two different things. Now my mind says, let’s see how much busy you can remove from your life and let’s just practice being for awhile. I think that’s a good plan.

This post is a part of Think Kit. Today’s prompt: “What did you change your mind about this year?”

Think Kit

My year in photos

When I first set out to round up some photos for this post, I thought it would result in just a handful of photos. See, for most of the year, I’ve felt like my life consisted of just about one thing, and that thing was making the Midwest UX conference happen here in Indy this past October. I felt like, for the better part of 10 months, I lived, breathed, ate, and slept that conference. And while it was such a rewarding experience, I am glad that it’s over.

So, it was a really nice surprise that when I looked back on photos from this year, I found a lot more variety than I remembered. Heck, I did a lot this year! Traveled to some great places, spent some time in nature, and had great times with friends. I’m grateful for all this year has brought and these photos serve as a great reminder of that.

This post is a part of Think Kit. Today’s prompt: “Share your year in photos.”

Think Kit

gearing up for Think Kit

Alrighty, here we go! Tomorrow starts the first prompt for Think Kit and I am really excited to make space to participate this year. Posting a response to one prompt a day for the entire month of December. Of course, I have lofty goals that this project will get me back into the blogging habit enough to keep going the rest of the year, so, fingers crossed!

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the think kit

We’ve just launched a fun thing over at SmallBox called The Think Kit, which is an inspiration kit in the form of  30 days of prompts that help you reflect on your year and consider what’s next. The Think Kit prompts start today, and the first one is so easy, I couldn’t resist sharing.

Prompt: Have a snapshot that encapsulates your year? Or one that represents a great moment? Maybe it just looks dang cool. Show ‘n tell time — let’s see those pics!

This would be my favorite photo of this year:

It’s not a perfectly composited and shot photo in any sort of professional photography sense (in fact, it’s a little blurry), however, this photo encapsulates so much for me. It was taken in one of my favorite spots in Indianapolis, a place of peace and rejuvenation. It is a visual representation of the spirit and the attitude I have focused on embodying this year: letting things flow like water. Paying attention to that flow and getting to know the feeling better. This photo is a gentle reminder.

Want to participate in Think Kit? Head on over here to get started!